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Access to Equity Diversification

Investment Opportunities in Private Funds and Equity Deals across the Digital Assets Ecosystem (DAE).


Liquid Portfolios


Investments in DAE Companies

Solidus Capital’s Investment Thesis in Digital Assets


Liquid Portfolios


Investments in DAE Companies

Investing in both liquid portfolios and companies that enable the DAE has demonstrated to provide better returns and better risk mitigation than those resulting from solely investing in liquid allocations in the asset class.

Solidus Capital

Value is in the Usage

Exchanges, Custodians, or Infrastructure Companies leverage the full potential on Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology.

Solidus Capital

Companies Potential

Digital Assets Ecosystem companies may reach a combined value even larger than that of the underlying Digital Assets themselves.

Solidus Capital

There is Room to Grow

Many DAE companies are at the mid-to-late growth stage and their valuation in many cases has a greater upside potential than the underlying Digital Assets.

Funds & SPVs

Private Deals and Opportunities for the acquisition of Shares in the Primary and Secondary Market of Fundamental Companies within the DAE.

MCD Fund

Launch March 31 2022Manager Solidus Advisors LTDMinimum Ticket US$ 50,000

VC-style Fund that intends to offer exposure to transformational technologies in this Digital Age, including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence/Big Data and Digital Assets. Primarily equity investments in Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence/Big Data technology companies.

Chain Reaction

Launch May 2022Manager Solidus AdvisorsMinimum Ticket US$ 50,000

Investment opportunity in the Israeli company Chain Reaction, manufacturer of chips and hardware for mining digital assets of Proof-of-Work (PoW) protocols. Solidus Capital will offer clients and related parties the possibility of investing in the Series C capital round, for a total of US$ 70M, at a "pre-money" valuation of US$ 390M.

Solidus DAE Fund II

Launch November 2021Manager Solidus AdvisorsMinimum Ticket US$ 100,000

Given the success of the previous DAE Fund, Solidus Capital launched the Solidus DAE Fund II, an investment vehicle to facilitate access to its investors to one of the most exclusive and sophisticated funds the 10T DAE Expansion Fund, which acquires shares in mid-to-late stage companies that enable the DAE.

Private Deal: Series A Preferred Shares Kraken

Launch November 2021Manager Solidus AdvisorsMinimum Ticket US$ 100,000

Solidus negotiated a package of shares from Kraken, the 2nd largest institutional exchange in the US, in the secondary market and offered the opportunity to participate to interested parties and clients. The round was closed successfully with an oversubscription of 3X.

Series B Financing Round Gemini

Launch August 2021Manager Solidus AdvisorsMinimum Ticket US$ 100,000

Solidus Capital offered clients and related parties the opportunity to invest in Gemini's Series B Financing Round via shares emission from Gemini, one of the most institutional exchanges in the world. The round was closed with an oversubscription of 2X.


Launch August 2021Manager Solidus ManagementMinimum Ticket US$ 25,000

Solidus secured a US$ 500k slot in an SPV that acquired shares from 3 asset managers that applied for ETFs in three jurisdictions: Propine in Singapur, 3iQ in Canada, and Valkyrie in USA (NSDQ:BITO). The round was closed with an oversubscription of 2.5X.

Solidus DAE Fund LTD

Launch March 2021Manager Solidus AdvisorsMinimum Ticket US$ 100,000

Fund of Funds with a unique mandate to invest in Dan Tapiero's 10T Fund. The underlying fund 10T Fund invests in mid-to-late stage companies that bring the Digital Asset Ecosystem (DAE) infrastructure to life. The round closed for US$ 17.5M.

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Subscription Process

Once the General Onboarding is completed, the Client can subscribe to any of our open Investment Opportunities by going through the Fund or SPV’s subscription process.


Subscription Documents

Sending of the Subscription Documents & Private Placement Memorandum to the Investor.


Investor Approval

Investor submission of the Subscription Documents to the Fund Administrator for revision and approval. Additional documentation may be required.


Capital Call

The Fund Administrator sends the corresponding Capital Call to raise the funds committed by the Investor. Funds must be sent to the account submitted in the Subscription Documents.



Confirmation of Capital Call(s) or subscription amount from the Fund Administrator.

FAQ: Onboarding & Subscription

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