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Digital Assets Premium OTC Desk

Boutique Service for Private Institutions and Sophisticated Investors

Buy/Sell/Swap Orders, Deep Liquidity, Closed Prices and Post-Trade Settlement with Personalized Support.

Full-Service Trading Desk

Move money fast through International Borders.
Invest with Deep Liquidity without the pricey hazards of Retail-level Exchanges.

Single Closed Price

No price slippage once the deal is settled. Operations are against Solidus inventory; no Order Book.

Permanent Liquidity

Whatever the size of your transaction, Solidus ensures the flow of capital regionally.

Regulated Banking

Solidus' network of high-level regulated entities and licenses provide access to unmatched resources.

Whiteglove Services

Our quick and simple process guarantees a tailor-made and time-sensitive service.

Asset-Agnostic Desk

We provide Liquidity for a wide range of Digital Assets, Stablecoins and Fiat Currencies.

Digital Assets



  • aave

  • ada

  • algo

  • atom

  • avax

  • btc

  • btt

  • bal

  • bat

  • bch

  • bsv

  • bnb

  • crv

  • cake

  • comp

  • dash

  • dcr

  • doge

  • dot

  • enj

  • eth

  • eos

  • etc

  • flow

  • fil

  • ftm

  • hnt

  • knc

  • ksm

  • link

  • ltc

  • luna

  • mana

  • matic

  • mkr

  • miota

  • neo

  • omg

  • pax

  • qtum

  • rune

  • shib

  • sol

  • stx

  • sushi

  • trx

  • uni

  • vet

  • waves

  • xem

  • xlm

  • xtz

  • yfi

  • zrx

  • zec

  • zil

Advantages of Solidus OTC over Exchanges

For Sophisticated Investors, an Exchange simply can’t provide the same level of VIP and Whitegloves Services that Solidus OTC guarantees.

Solidus OTC


Permanent Deep Liquidity

Our desk can cover any order size, from
US$ 20,000 up to large block trades of +US$ 10M.

Solidus Capital


Closed Prices

Without an order book, our desk can submit closed price quotes beating market prices and avoiding slippage.

Solidus Capital


Simple and Secure

After onboarding, you can request unlimited quotes through secure communication channels. All orders are placed against Solidus’ inventory.

Solidus Capital


Immediate & Whiteglove Service

A regulated banking stack coupled with our traders expertise in traditional finances offers personalized services for each client.

Solidus Capital


Solidus CapitalSolidus Capital

Simple Counterparty Flow

Trading Procedure

Our Traders will open a secure Communication Channel to begin a private and bespoke Desk Service. Clients are able to place Orders directly through a simple Chat procedure using simple sentences with easy-to-understand trading flows.

Access Deep Liquidity Now

Our simple and 100% paperless Onboarding process will guide you through a customized KYC / AML, and within minutes your information will be validated to start operating.

Solidus Capital

Bespoke Customer Support

Boutique Whiteglove Approach

Solidus Capital

Desk Operating Hours

Mon - Fri 08:30 - 19:00 CDT


If you have any questions please email us at
or send a message via Whatsapp to +52 502 444 1112.

You may also visit our FAQs for additional information:

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